10 items that should not be in your hand luggage.

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Baggage is transported by airlines in accordance with the customs regulations of the destination country. Unacceptable items in baggage may vary from country to country. Especially if you are traveling abroad you should find out about the restrictions of the country you are going to go to

1. Too much perfume, deodorant, and spray   

 Do not try to squeeze all of the fragrances you get so you can break them in your hand luggage! If you do not get all of the transparent 20 x 20 cm size visible, they will not let you fly even if the bottles are less than 100 ml in size.



2. Syrups and medicines

Recall that the 100 ml rule for medicines is valid. You syrup box you need to transport the huge size, if you have the permission subject to these rules, inform the airport authorities in advance.



3. Lighter (more than one)

You can not have an item in your hand baggage that could harm you or other passengers. Do not forget! You only have the right to carry one lighter.


4. Liquid food products

Although the cigarette lighter is much more harmless and innocent, it is forbidden if the amount of packaged liquid food products is not 100 ml or less. However, there are a few exceptions to this. If you need to have certain foods with you for health reasons, you can carry them by showing them documents from a doctor or an authority. There is a general allowance for baby milk and food, but they may need to be checked.


5. Sharp-edged umbrellas

You should take care of the umbrella that you will take your side. Sharp-edged umbrellas are on the list of prohibited items that many airlines carry in their cabins.

6. Tennis and badminton rackets

Rules are also sensitive to sports equipment. For example, equipment such as sleeves, copper, knobs, tennis and badminton paddles are among the prohibited sports equipment.


7. Fishing rod

You can not put your hand baggage in the airplane your harpoon and fishing rod. These tools, unfortunately, are stuck in the obstacles because of their sharp parts.


8. Some lithium ion batteries

Almost all of the airlines allow lithium-ion batteries used in mobile phones, cameras, tablets and laptop computers to be carried in their cabinets as long as they are not over a certain size. However, the recent popularity of lithium-ion batteries hoverboards are definitely not taken into the airplanes. 


9. Tent pit

Are you going to spend your holiday in a tent camp or camping in a music festival? Do not move your tent pile in your hand luggage, you will have to say goodbye to pits.


10. Drill and similar work tools

If you need this kind of tools for your job, you can throw them in your suitcase. They are not fragile.

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