33 Etiquette to Surprise You From Different Cultures of Different Countries

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All countries have different traditions and cultural structures. We need to know these traditions when we travel a lot. It is a topic that you can have a lot of fun and wonder while reading.


1.An Indian guy shakes his head to say yes, and up and down to say no.

2.You need to remove your shoes when you enter the temples.

3.There are hardly any public toilets in the country, and sometimes you can observe people doing their toilets in the streets.

4.You should not touch people in India more than you need.

5.When you are traveling on a bus, you need to pull a rope stretched along the near-stop bus that you want to descend.


6.In most restaurants in the USA, a preliminary account is included.


7. Public transport is not developed in the country except a few major cities. So you can not go anywhere without a car.

8. They usually serve french fries alongside meals.


9. The left hand is connected to the devil. Always use the right hand when buying something.

10. In the public you can only kiss and hold someone of your own sex.

11. Hand gestures are perceived as magic. Be careful not to use while talking.



12. If you add salt to your meal, it means you do not like to eat.

13. NEVER compare the Portuguese with the Spanish. They are very offended by this.

14. Here, people eat very early. Almost all restaurants are closed at 21.30.


15. People’s superstition is too much

16. The Russians do not eat before they go to the hostel. Because the banquet is prepared for the guests.

17. Smiling is not necessarily a kind of courtesy.



18. People bath in turn in the same water. However, you have to shower before entering this water.

19. They pay the bill before eating.

20. When you eat while you to slurp , it means that you like that meal. At the same time, they think they get the best of taste.

21. In Japan, there are no trash cans on any street. They have to carry their trash up to the house.


22. They charge pharmacies for their phone cards.


23. ‘Hello,’ ‘goodbye,’ ‘thank you,’ ‘welcome’, and so on. Instead they use gestures you see.

24. They serve more than one side dish at meals. Potato beans usually over rice.


25. If you order cappuccino in the evening, they look like you are crazy.

26. Never add or cut ketchup.


27. It is up to the Italians to stay late. No one here is in a hurry.


28. If a Dominican wants to repeat your word, it will crumble your nose like a sneeze.


29. Everyone here is religious. In other words, you can hear the name of Jesus in many proverbs.


30. It is normal for people to move around their hair with roller.


31. You can not touch anyone’s head because the head is regarded as a sacred part of the body.


32. The cutlery is only used to put food on the shovel. The fork is not inserted.


33. Some of the Thai do not know how to cook. Because there is no kitchen in every house.

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