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 I asked where you want to go in autumn in my previous article and Wicklow was the most popular answer! Since you decided to go Wicklow, I wanted to tell you the most beautiful places to go Wicklow! As you have decided to see this beautiful place that has all the beauties of nature, do not come back without seeing these 7 places!

1-Walking From Bray To Greystones




Look at this path’s sight! Can you imagine how you feel while walking through from this lane? This path of connecting Bray to Greystones is an indispensable route of the hikers. Also, it’s a quite short path for pro hikers. It’s just 6 kilometers. When you reach the Bray, please don’t come back without seeing Killruddery House & Gardens, Bray Head, and The Harbour Bar.

You can have a look this video to see the cliff walk Bray to Greystones and all the beauties that the road gives you!




2-Ireland’s Largest National Park




The Wicklow Mountains National Park is the largest national park in Ireland. Beautiful picnic areas and small nature surprises to receive the guests of all ages every year. This national park has the most beautiful sights that you can see in the Ireland. I talked about how beautiful trees look in autumn on my previous post. You should see Wicklow Mountains on this season!

3- Brittas Bay 

Brittas Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ireland. You must come first this beach to sunbathe and relax in Ireland with its soft sand and clean water.


4- Ireland’s Highest Waterfall ( Powercourt gardens)


Powerscourt Falls, Ireland’s highest waterfall, is 121 meters high on the slopes of the Wicklow Mountains. The park, which has the name of the waterfall, powercourts garden has lots of natural beauties in it.There are many activities you can do with your family in this park, if you want, you can even make your dream wedding here! You will feel like you are in a fairy tale while watching the waterfall and visiting the park.

Here on this video, you can see a little preview of these magical moments!


5-Monastic Getaway


The last remaining monastery in Ireland. There is a remarkable architecture that still carries the spirit of St. Kevin. Today is an important monastery that hosts all the guests from different religions. You must see it!




It is possible to see unique designs to visit Avoca which is one of the oldest production places of the world. Do not forget to visit one of their award-winning cafés when you go there!

Here is the video if you want to learn more about Avoca!



7-Woodbrook Golf Club



Ireland has lots of golf courses but this golf course in the Wicklow mountains is really the best. If you are a golf enthusiast you should definitely see.


I hope you have lots of great memories in these places 🙂 Have a great journey!

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