Best 3 Festivals Around The World

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1) Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling

Are you ready to learn about the weirdest annual event in England? Think about a race that you have to chase a Rolling cheese wheel down the hill. The public of Brockworth has been chasing the precious cheese wheel since 1800s but unluckily it canceled in 2010 becouse of some healths and safety concerns.

As you understand, several large wheels of cheeses are rolled down a hill and crazy public of Brockworth trying to catch one of them. In the reality the cheese can never be cought. The winner of the race is the first person who crosses the line at the end of the hill. I hope you didn’t ask for the price. Isn’t it obvious, to keep the cheese of course.

cooper's hill cheese rolling ile ilgili görsel sonucu

In spite of the fact that this event has cancelled, the local people are determined to keep this tradition alive so, it has been arranged by the public since 2010.

2) La tomatina Fest

If you want to punch into someones face with a tomato don’t make a plan for next Wednesday of August. Every year upon thousands of people join the Tomato Battle in the town of Bunol near  Valencia.

The festival is being occured since around the en of World War 2. There are many myths and legends about the original story of this tradition but the actual reason it has survived as an annual must be the amusement of it.

It can be a battle but don’t forget about the fact that we use tomatoes as gun so we have to calm down and obey the rules.

The battle begins when the water cannon fired.

2) Participants must stop throwing tomatoes as soon as they hear the second round of the cannon fire.

Every year, only 20.000 lucky people can join this battle. If you want to be a participant, you need to grab a ticket immadiately!!

3) Oktoberfest

We all know Oktoberfest as a beer festival all over world. But it’s not an actual fest. It’s an anniversary. In 1880 Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen and they wanted to share their happiness with all of the citizens so they organized a party. As you understand, the citizens still celebrate theese free-handed couples marriage anniversary. Soo sweet, isn’t it??

In addition there is one more common mistake about the Oktoberfest. It’ known as a “Beer Fest” all over the world however you can’t drink beer in Oktoberfest. The thing you drink is “Oktoberfestbeer”. I seem to hear “Is this girl making fun of us?” questions. I swear, im not… This drinks are made for Oktoberfest by six special fabricas based on Münih. Without wishing to boast i’d like to say that the beer turns your head so bad… If you still don’t belive me you can have a try !!
In years, the festival has changed a little bit. Nowadays, music is a big part of celebrations. A band performs from Traditional German Band Classicals to Black Eyed Peas songs during the festival–anniversary-.

oktoberfest ile ilgili görsel sonucu

If you think that the Germans are wassailer you gonna change your mind after you read this paragraph. South Bavyera was known with it’s terrible water purification. The water of city caused cholera, black death and more other disaeses so the genious public found a brilliant solutuon to quench their droughtiness; beer!

Bottles up! Stated in other words; “ zum Wohl!”.

WARNING! The Octoberfest doesn’t start in october. It’s being celebrated earlier than previous year. Next year it’s going to be celebrated in between 22th September-7th October. We suggest you to taste “Oktoberfestbeer” insistently. Also you can add travel and maybe bring some beer to our dearest Glocals too.

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