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Finding cheap flights is a must for vacationers. You can get cheap airline tickets in many different ways, such as getting early tickets, checking on comparison sites, following up on campaigns and accumulating points. Momondo, Skyscanner, Kiwi and eDream sites to check the date I planned to go and get the cheapest. At least it was until now.

As you know, there are many ticketing models. Some companies that buy bulk tickets and early tickets from airline companies are able to sell even cheaper than airline companies and often have price differences with these different pricing models.

When checking out plane tickets for a long travel plan, I came to the idea of controlling from different countries with VPN. I think the people living on caused this idea to appear. When looking at tickets on Momondo, I first checked the ticket prices with my regular IP address.

I’ve been looking at this route before, so even if it’s in normal IP, I can clear the cache, wipe the browser history, and even try to overdo it with a hidden window. I selected a dollar bill to be impressed by things like setup, and the price is: $ 774

After taking the screenshots, I selected the same route on a different browser this time through VPN with America. I think it’s probably a big price difference because the route is long, but the difference is so good that it can not be ignored.

55 bucks means that this can mean a nice flight ticket.

There should be no such change with price policy, agreements, exchange rates or whatever IP exchange. Also, I tried the VPN from outside of the United States and also European countries, and a similar difference was found. The person who is always looking for more from Turkey, see the price, and is paying for it.II’ve done similar comparisons from other sites and appeared in many different prices.

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