Which Products We Should Buy from Germany?

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Germany! I will recommend you what you should buy from Germany in this blog. Germany, a most developed country in Europe, has a lot of legendary things which are chocolates, candies, and cosmetic products. Let’s start to learn those products.

The first advice from me is these chocolates. If you are a chocolate addicted, I’m sure that you love them. Especially, Nussknacker’s chocolates are extremely delicious. It covers full of nuts and these give a perfet taste to chocolate. In addition, it’s very cheap.

Everybody knows HARIBO but also, many people don’t know where Haribo cames from. Haribo’s origin is Germany. Because of this, my second advise is Haribo’s candies.


The last products which I recommend you are cosmetic things. cosmetic’s industry is very developed. So, you can buy famous products very cheaply. On the other hand, ıf you use the plane, you have to know your airlines’ rules because of the liquid limits. You should buy like these items in pursuant of liquid limit.


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