What can we bring from abroad without paying tax?

What can we bring from abroad without paying tax?

As you know when we go abroad , our friends , relatives and our families asks  for something  such as ; shoes , phone , food etc. But we don’t have any idea about which items are tax free from duty.We research to more help to you what goods can pass without paying taxes.


  • The goods that can be brought without paying the customs tax and the quantities of these goods.

The goods that can be brought without paying customs duties and the quantities of these goods are determined by the Decree of the Council of Ministers based on the Customs Code.

The goods that can be brought without paying tax from abroad are collected in 4 groups. These are listed as “personal items”, “items not exceeding 100 euros worth of mail by mail”, “items not exceeding 300 euros brought by mail” and “gift items brought by the passenger”.

1.By Mail

No customs duties are paid, except for goods, alcohol and tobacco products, not exceeding 100 euros by mail.Gift items not exceeding 300 euros which are brought by mail should be sent to Turkey 1 month before or 1 month after Ramadan and Sacrifice holidays for tax exemption.

2.Unlimited amount of money can be brought

 A passenger coming from abroad to Turkey can come to Turkey with an unlimited amount of Turkish money and foreign exchange. Passengers, on the other hand, can deduct 5 thousand dollars abroad or foreign exchange effect according to the Decision on the Protection of the Value of Turkish Currency.

Which Goods Can We Bring Without Tax

Passengers may bring 1 mobile phone from abroad with a tax exemption to Turkey. However, these mobile phones, which are brought to be one in 2 calendar years, must be registered by Telecommunication Authority within 1 month at the latest

Some of the personal items that can be brought abroad without paying taxes are as follows;

  • Up to 55 screens LCD or plasma TV
  • 1 camera and 10 empty cassettes
  • GPS navigation device
  • 1 laptop computer or PC
  • Cassette or game card electronic play instrument (play station etc.)
  • A maximum of 10 arcs of tape, tape cassette, compact disc, DVD
  • Phone


  • One camping tent with two compartments,
  • One underwater team for underwater sports,
  •  Flying wings (one pair),
  • One inflating boom with no engine attached,
  •  A surfboard with a sailboat for water sports,
  • Tennis racket and 3 box cannons,
  • Golf material,
  • A parachute and a ski suit,
  • Backgammon, chess and checkers team,
  •  Five decks of cards

2.Health Devices

  • Belonging to sick passengers,
  •  Motorized, non-motorized seats,
  •  Drugs used in personal treatment,
  •  Blood pressure monitor, (one),
  •  A sugar measuring instrument, (one),
  • Breathing apparatus (one)

3.Kitchen Staff

  • Kitchen utensils such as plates, pots, cutlery, spoons, knives,
  • One samovar or tea machine,
  •  Two thermos,
  •  Coffee machine, bread machine, toaster machine, mixer and fruit tray

4.Consumer Goods

Tobacco, tobacco products, and personal products exemptions from alcohol products do not apply to persons under 18 years of age. Consumption items that are exempted from taxation are as follows:
-400 cigarettes (2 cartons)
– 500 grams of pipe tobacco – 1.5 kilos of coffee, 500 grams of tea, 1 kilogram of chocolate, 1 kilogram of sugar,
– 1 bottle of 100 cl or 2 bottles of alcoholic drink of 75 or 70 cl,
– Up to 600 milliliters of perfume, regardless of bottle name,
– Hajj and hopeful passengers to bring with them, the amount to be determined by the Presidency of the Undersecretariat and the Directorate of the date and zemzem water.



  • Camera (with memory card or 5 movies)
  •  Child car for children’s passengers, – Scooter (two wheeled and battery operated),
  • Iron,
  • Bicycle,
  •  Prayer rug
  • Hand binoculars (night vision binoculars and glasses and night vision snipers, except for the ones).




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