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Inspiring Travelers

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When you were a child, did you ask your mom where America was or if there were any elephants in Africa? Every child wonders these questions. But:) If this little kid still wonders these cute questions within you, and when you can’t curb that emotion anymore, but you’re being held by adult part of your mind. You think that you won’t able to prepare your suitcase and travel to these places. Let’s tell this smarty girl, money, time and conditions within is not important for travel. These 5 inspiring travelers will show you that your only need is courage 🙂 🙂


1.Foster Huntington

Foster working in Ralph Lauren as a designer left this good job in 2010’s summer. He started a new life with a new caravan. Nowadays, he is on his way with his wheeled home. He stopped just for surfing, taking pictures and building houses by wood! He is just about nature and soothing vibes. You can see his pictures and extraordinary life on his Instagram page.



2.Ayse Kurucu

Ayse was married with three children and six grandchildren. She had a husband who did not allow her to even come out the front of the door. Having divorced, she decided to travel the world. She says she feels free and that’s why she’s calling herself a “free” girl. She’s visited 25 countries and she wants to see all countries on the earth. Also, an airplane company started to support her and now she’s been planning to travel the world!


3.Shantanu Starick

Shantanu has been trying to live by traveling moneyless. He’s using his photographer skills for eating, sheltering and wearing. He shoots everything and strictly no money! If it’s a lucky day, he can buy a train ticket and keep going!


4.Tobjorn C. Pedersen

Pedersen made a very important decision in 2013. He decided to travel to all countries in one go without an airplane. He has already seen 70 countries. This incredible plan is not about 193 countries recognized by UN. It 10 more unknown countries. And don’t forget it, he can’t stay in a country more than 24 hours because he can’t stop! 🙂


5.Zeynep Zor

This beautiful woman has traveled to many countries with her husband. You can see many pictures in these countries on her Instagram page. She is so popular! You should see this couple! Nowadays, they’re waiting for their first baby boy 🙂 During her pregnancy, she continued to travel. This baby boy’s already traveled all over the world. Who knows maybe he can be born in an airplane 🙂


If you really want to see the world, if it’s your only dream. Just do it! The only obstacle is your courage. I hope this article helped you when you made a decision. If your answer is yes, let’s prepare our suitcases!

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