6 Places You Should Visit In St.Petersburg


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St.Petersburg is one of the most amazing countries in the world. The city catches you up with its unique architectural works and opulent culture. There is plenty of historical buildings to see in St.Petersburg, it is like an open-air museum. In addition, the city was also a host for some important writers like Dostoyevsky and Alexander Pushkin. St.Petersburg will feed your heart and soul with 221 museums, 2000 libraries, 80 theatre buildings, 45 art galleries, and 62 cinemas. Let’s check several places you should definitely visit in St.Petersburg.

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral


The first place you should definitely see in St.Petersburg is Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. It is the fourth biggest cathedral in the world. The cathedral is golden for architectural building enthusiasts.

Nevsky Prospect

The heart of the city, Nevsky Prospect, is one of the most important locations you should definitely visit in St.Petersburg because there are several palaces, cathedrals and, souvenir shops that are waiting for you. It is also an intersection point for subway stations, you will probably see there even if you didn’t plan to. May to July is called ‘White Nights‘ because the city is bright for more than 18 hours. Try to prefer this time period to travel. You will also love cafes and restaurants on the branch roads.

Hermitage Museum (The Winter Palace)

Hermitage Museum is one of the oldest but goldest places to visit in St.Petersburg. It is located nearby the Neva River. There are about 3 million historical artifacts that are exhibited. If you look at 1 minute each of them, you have to spend 11 years to see them all! You should plan to spend at least half of a day to see artworks that belong to Leonardo Da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh, and so on.

Peterhof Palace


The gardens of Peterhof Palace are one of the most ravishing places you can visit in St.Petersburg. You may think that it is not big, but believe me, it is much more fascinating than Versailles.

Peter and Paul Fortress

One of the most impressive places you should definitely visit in St.Petersburg is Peter and Paul Fortress. It is located on a small islet in the Neva River. The belfry of the cathedral in the fortress is amazing. The beach near the castle may give you an opportunity to have a sunbath if you are lucky.

Vodka Museum

If you want to drink vodka as a Russian, it is the best place to visit in St.Petersburg. You should drink them straight if you don’t want to be blamed. (: The most fun part of your trip is starting in the Vodka Room because there are more than 200 kinds of vodka in there.

When you see ones, your foot will definitely take you to see St.Petersburg twice! (: Don’t forget to add your travel to Glocalzone and start to earn money!



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