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We are living in a marvelous world. It’s obvious that every part of it is worth seeing. Each place in the world has its own rhythm. If you want to bear witness to the best of it you should know some specific facts about the place you want to visit. To illustrate, you can check climatic conditions, touristic tour timings and fun organizations. As Glocalzone Team, we’ve made a research about these facts to give best destination ideas to our Zoners for all seasons!


Some people find breezing weathers so comfy yet, others prefer snuggling down with a blanket until the winter ends. We have some destination ideas for both types of people.

If you are a winter person, choose a skiing holiday. This way, you can enjoy the fresh air of high mountains which are surrounded by snow looking like cotton candy. It’s guaranteed that you’ll freeze to the marrow.

Summer people also have great opportunities to go on a vacation during these 3 months. Especially mid-rail islands have a moderate climatic condition. These islands are just for people who want to take a warm breath in the middle of winter.

  1. The Alps- Switzerland
  2. Sofia- Bulgaria
  3. Bali- Indonesia
  4. Hawaii- USA


Waking up time comes for all the living creatures in the northern hemisphere! Nature starts to appear with it’s all fresh beauty.  Of course, the best way to salute spring is to travel and enjoy the freshness of the world to the fullest extent.

People who are looking for some stillness can prefer an island vacation and the ones who want for a cultural holiday trip may choose a city in Central Europe.  Asian countries are also worth seeing during these months. Famous cherry trees are starting to blossom in Japan Islands.

Time to grab your camera and take your ticket!

BONUS!! Brazilians know how to celebrate. If you are a type of razzle-dazzle person, joining to the Rio Carnival is one of the best destination ideas for you!

  1. Phuket Island- Thailand
  2. Nice- France
  3. Florence- Italy
  4. Rio de Janeiro- Brazil


There are numerous destination ideas for his 3 months. We’ve chosen some places from Mediterranean Region for a sea&sun type of holiday. Be careful, you may not want to turn back to your hometown after seeing these bohemian places.

These months are also a great opportunity for people who want to see Scandinavia. Because of the fact that they are living the summer, the softest weather conditions and nearly full-time sunlight experience during the whole day will be waiting for them in the Scandinavian countries.

  1. Ibiza-Spain
  2. Rhodes, Cretan, Mykonos, Sisam- Greece
  3. Fjord, Scandinavia
  4. Marrakesh-Morocco


Attention to the Zoners, it is the last call for a Central Europe tour before the breezing winter comes! Hurry up, otherwise, you’ll lose your chance to travel without searching somewhere hot to get warmer.

By the way, waking up time is coming for the southern hemisphere now. This is the best time to meet the other side of the world. This trip is just for the ones who are willing to get out of their comfort zone and turn their world inside out!

  1. Prague- Chelsea
  2. Amsterdam- Holland
  3. Sydney, Melbourne-Australia
  4. Maldives

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