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                                     Happy New Year!

In the last days of 2017, we have prepared 5 amazing cities for you to enter the first minutes of 2018 in the best possible way!



We have told you in our last post “The Must-Visit Autumn Destinations” India is a good destination at this time of the year. If you want to spend a New Year’s Eve filled with sea, sand and calm, Goa may be the best option that will not strain your budget.

New York

If you want to spend that night in New York, you have two options. You can watch the ball drop and famous musicians perform with the exciting crowd in Times Square. You can go to the little bars after midnight and keep partying!

 If you do not like the crowd, you can go to one of the luxury restaurants or join a private party. Do not call it too expensive! With the opportunities Glocalzone gives you, it’s not expensive for you!

Rio De Janeiro

Rio is an indispensable destination for you if you’re dreaming a New Year’s Eve full of Brazilian fun. Get ready to see interesting dances on every street! Also, you can join parties on beaches for live music and professional dance shows.


There will be the largest firework show in the world in Sydney this year. Get a boat for best view! But, there is an incredible point in Sydney. You may be one of the first people to get in 2018!

Las Vegas


As usual, Las Vegas is the only address for party seekers on 31st of December. It is not possible to not enjoy Las Vegas with all the bars, restaurants and casinos. You can still have a lot of fun joining fun street parties!