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Traveling alone sounds a little bit creepy; but when you try it once, your thoughts, opinions, the way of seeing the life itself, how you approach circumstances and many more things would change in a positive way. As much as you see that change and improvement, you cannot stop yourself to plan your next trip as a solo traveler!

1-You are Independent

You have no one who needs to be taken care of or prefers to do something that you do not want. The sky is the limit! Just do whatever you want without thinking about no one’s opinion.

2-You Take the Risk Just for Yourself

When you travel with someone, you’re mostly don’t tend to choose risky options as a kind of courtesy. You never want someone to get in trouble because of your desires and choices. However, risky things are always worth to try and you can do it as much as you desire when you are alone.

3-No Need to Take Care About Anyone Else

Did anyone said “babysitting”?? You are traveling to learn about different cultures, foods, traditions, chill and enjoy. Do not let someone disrupt your trip with lots of questions about the places, plan, roads, and so on. Everyone has its smartphone showing the city map-even the offline one- and lots of applications which show must place to see.

4-You Meet More People and Make Life-long Friendships

When you’re alone, the need of communication with people appears and even if you are so shy, you start to greet people on the streets and start communicating with them about their country, culture, lifestyle and etc. If you are lucky, the friendship can even turn out to be a life-long marriage.

5-Opportunities Follow Other Opportunities

In the end, how can you know that you have not missed lots of opportunities? You might get an irrefutable offer from someone which will change your life that you do not know before, such as being invited to MTV Awards – Yes, I got invited when I was walking alone through the Walk of Fame. You never know, just be open for new challenges and enjoy the rest!

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