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5 Best Chocolate Countries in The World


Today, chocolate is so to say a big part of our lives. It doesn’t matter if you are young or adult, you cannot put anything in its place. I compiled some countries famous for chocolate. Warning, your mouth going to drool!!! Here are the 5 best chocolate countries that you can find the most tasteful chocolate!

1. Switzerland

best chocolate countries

Switzerland is one of the most known countries famous for chocolate. That can be said, it is almost all famous brands’ homeland. There are lots of different brands you should definitely taste. you may check some of them here.

2. Belgium

Belgium is known as the best chocolate country in the world. There are more than 10 factories and 16 chocolate museums. Wittamer, Elisabeth, Godiva, and Mary just some of them in this country that famous for chocolate. In addition, some brands use different aromas of violet, jasmine, rose, lavender or put some alcohols like vodka and whiskey. If you want to check some of them, click here.

3. Germany

When someone says Germany, without doubt, the first thing that occurs to our minds is chocolate. We can call Germany as world’s chocolate tree, that’s why it is one of the most important countries that is famous for chocolate. Hanuta wafers, Nussknacker chocolate with full of nuts, Lebkuchen and Merci are just some of them.

4. Spain

Spain is not just famous for football, it is one of the most significant countries that are famous for chocolate as well. Until the 20th century, chocolate was consumed as a drink. The first country that started consumin in Europe was Spain. Some famous ones are Valor, Torras, Trufas, and Tirma. If you happen to pass Barcelona you should see Museu de la Xocolata (Chocolate Museum).

5. France

France is not just famous for chocolate, it is generally famous for desserts. Its truffs and snacks are also certain beautiful flavors that you should try. The most famous one is Valrhona. If you want to learn to make chocolate, you can easily find courses for making Valrhona chocolates. What’s more; Richart, Patrick Roger, Cazenave, and Hirsinger makes France one of the most important countries that famous for chocolate.

Guten Appetit! Bon Appetit! Enjoy your meal! By the way, do not forget to request some chocolates from these best chocolate countries via Glocalzone!



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