5 Reasons to Visit Amsterdam

There are many reasons to visit Amsterdam. Who does not have the dream of taking a selfie in front of the I Amsterdam sign, experiencing the different concept of coffee shops, walking nearby the canals and visiting top museums in Europe? We have rounded up the top 5 reasons why you should visit Amsterdam at least once in your life.


Amsterdam is a city of canals, which known as “The Venice of the North” with lying around of 100 km of canals and 90 islands.  Take a sit a restaurant or bank nearby a canal and enjoy the view! If you would like to do something sporty, rent a bike and ride by the canals by breathing fresh air.


Amsterdam is not only filled with canals but also has fascinating museums to suit every interest. From the Van Gogh Art Museum to the Red Lights Secrets Museum of prostitution, there are also great attractions which are definitely worth to try like Heineken Experience and Icebar.

Coffee Shops

The reason for most of the tourists to visit Amsterdam is coffee shops. These coffee shops are so different from the ones that you have known so far. If you are open to new challenges, do not forget to stop by one of them!


One of the must things to do when you visit Amsterdam is going into all the cheese stores and trying lots of the free samples. You will be amazed by the high variety and delicious taste. It is also a good alternative to buy as a gift for your friends and family.


Locals use bikes to provide their transportation even in winters when the weather is terrible.  Incredibly, there are more bikes than people in Amsterdam. You can rent a bike and explore the hidden gems of the city by cycling.

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