5 Things That You Can Buy From Thailand


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5 Things that you can buy from Thailand! Thailand is one of the most attractive and lively countries in Asia. Phuket, Bangkok, and Pattaya are major cities for shopping and tourism in the country.  There are plenty of shopping centers and local markets in those cities. There are various types of product such as; pieces of jewelry, clothes, types of furniture, souvenirs are just some of them that you can buy from Thailand. Let’s look at 5 things that you can buy from Thailand!



One of the most precious thing that you can buy from Thailand is gemstones. Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire are the main ones. Chantaburi is the place where you can find those stones. Be careful about the swindlers!

Thai Crockery

Those crockeries called Benjarong would be a symbolic souvenir and memory. Those crockeries have different kinds of designs like gray, white or black-on 5 different colors. Crockeries are the most elegant thing that you can buy from Thailand.

Thai Silk

One of the most stylish thing that you can buy From Thailand is silk loom products. You can find various products ranging from clothes to bedspreads. Those fabrics which raw material is the silkworm is known for being long-lived.These Thai silks are one of the most beautiful products that you can buy from Thailand.


Those traditional umbrellas are made of bamboo and paper by order, they are custom made. Those umbrellas that you can buy from Thailand are sunshade, but it is usually using for decoration. You can add a different atmosphere to your house with those beautiful umbrellas.



Cosmetics are indispensable for most of the women. Most of the cosmetics in the country are properties. There are also nourishing creams, soaps, massage oils and so on. Besides, there are plenty of care and beauty centers on the streets. You should pamper yourself with the cosmetics that you can buy from Thailand.

In addition, November to February is the best time for traveling that beautiful country. I want to remind that Thailand is not a very expensive country. Now, you know some things that you can buy from Thailand. Have a good trip and shopping!


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