5 Things That You Can Buy From Vienna

5 Things That You Can Buy From Vienna

5 Things that you can buy from Vienna! When we say culture and art in Europe, Vienna is one of the cities that we can call. Vienna is also known as the heart of shopping! We collected some information about 5 things that you can buy from Vienna. Firstly, as everybody knows Vienna is a bit expensive but it is not a big problem if you know about the big discounts in January and July. It would be good to remind that, the country has tax refund! Which means they repay taxes that you paid.

Augarten Porcelain

The first thing that you can buy from Vienna is that porcelains. Their design is really chic and elegant. All of them are handmade. It has different versions to suit all budgets. You can easily find vases, statuettes, lamps that have a proper size not to occupy your case. You can find and buy these beautiful ones in Augarten territory.

Mozartkugeln Chocolates

One of the most delicious thing that you can buy from Vienna is Mozartkugeln! Paul Fürst is the founding father of the brand. They have different ingredients such as; liqueur, peanut butter, milk, almond paste and so on. You can check them here.

Manner Wafer


That is the second tasty option that you can buy from Vienna. Their motto is ‘Enjoy the Taste of Vienna!’ so don’t wait to taste their delicious chocolate wafers! The brand doesn’t deprive itself of taste and even packing size. You can search for them here.

Traditional Clothes


We mentioned Vienna’s deep-rooted history and it has lots of amazing traditional clothes named ‘Trachten’. Those dresses would be an amazing memory that you can buy from Vienna. They are not just memory, they are also fancy party dresses. The left photo shows a dress that named ‘Dirndl’, they used to prefer it in winter because it is made of wool and it doesn’t allow you to get cold. You can find many kinds and colours of them.


If you have a higher budget there are pieces of jewellery that you can buy from Vienna. In Kohlmark, there are modern, classic, elegant and has very good workmanship types of gemstones and jewellery are waiting for you.

Don’t you have any time to go to Vienna for buying these beauties? Let’s get them via Glocalzone!

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