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Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina is one of the most beautiful cities in South America. People’s enthusiasm and the passion of tango will interpenetrate your body and soul. Its European-style architecture will impress you so deep. What about taking a little walk along the beautiful streets of Buenos Aires? Let’s look at several places you should visit in Buenos Aires which is the most romantic city in the world.

It is good to mention that, September to November is the best time to visit Buenos Aires.

Plaza de Mayo 

The first place to see in Buenos Aires is Plaza de Mayo. This square is pretty important for Argentina because Casa Rosada, State House, Cabildo Building, and Congress Building is here. It was built to honor the first year of independence.

In addition, you are going to see the patterns shape of a white headscarf. Those patterns represent the mothers who are looking for their children. The mothers are waiting for their children every Thursday for 30 years.

Casa Rosada


Casa Rosada is the place that Eva and Juan Peron gave a speech. You may remember from the Madonna’s Evita musical. The square and the house is a milestone for Argentina. You are going to feel the effort and faith of Evita and the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo.

Avenida de 9 Julio and Obelisk


Avenida de 9 Julio is one of the most important places you should visit in Buenos Aires. It is the largest avenue in the world. The avenue consists of 16 lanes. The Obelisk that stays in the middle of the avenue was built for the 400th foundation anniversary.

Cementerio de la Recoleta (Recoleta Cemetery)


You may think like ‘Why should I visit a cemetery?’. Other hands, Recoleta Cemetery is different from the others. It looks like an open-air museum. The cemetery is one of the most important places you should visit in Buenos Aires because you are going to see the graves of past presidents of Argentina. There are lots of popular and chic restaurants and cafes in the vicinity of the cemetery.

La Boca


La Boca is the most colorful and lively place you may visit in Buenos Aires. It is also the most popular district of 47. You are going to have lots of fun in tango clubs and Italien Taverns. All in all, you shouldn’t be in the streets till the late hours.

Teatro Colon


Teatro Colon is one of the world’s top 5 concert places because of its amazing acoustics. It is located in Avenida de 9 Julio. I believe that you’ll in love with its decoration. If you want, you can watch a show of National Symphony Orchestra of Argentina.

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