6 Travel Assistants that Should Be in Your Bag

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Wherever you go, you can always need these assistants. There are many electronic travel assistants available on the market. We have compiled the most useful and least known ones for you. Some of them will need, some of them just for the measure. Whatever, the benefits they offer you are invaluable.

Here is our list…


Some planes don’t have any television for every seat. For long flights, that can be a huge problem for you. You might think that the journey will never end. Here is where the airhook can help you. It helps you to secure your phone and tablet to the front seat. Also, Airhook has a partition for holding your cup.  So, you can also enjoy drinking on the tablet while watching movies

2-Portable charger


In our age, the worries of our phones, which have become part of our bodies, are our biggest worry. There may not be an electrical outlet in the place we go, or you may not want to carry the charger. That’s why you need these little charger men. Portable chargers are strong enough to charge your phone 2 times even if they are small. They will become indispensable when you meet them.


3-Swiss penknife

When you have one of them, you can burn a fire, open a beer and do many things.  But, be careful about different countries’ different rules about carrying knife. It’s a really good assistant for a trip on wild.



LifeStraw is a rod that removes water from bacteria. You may need this bar if you get away from civilization, becaus all the water becomes drinkable with it. We think that one of those bars that will save your life after a long walk in the mountain will be enough for you.


5-Multiple adapter

You may encounter different power inflows in different countries so, it is imperative to get one from them, if you’re a traveller. You can always keep the charge of your devices to take good photographs.



Trakdot is a new chip that can tell you where it is even in your suitcase. Help you find your lost suitcase right away.  But, this chip is really expensive . Maybe , you can use our small tags to not löse your suitcase, which you can have now by  registering on our site.

I hope this list helped you. 🙂

If you are not available to reach these assistans, you can add them in our site. Maybe, travellers can help you 🙂


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