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When you travel, we know that you love to architectural places and photograph them. But, sometimes natural beauties can more impressive than them. After this article, you will add the natural beauties to your travel list, because you will be amazed and surprised by the power of nature, when you see them. Nature made the best! Let’s see them!

Perito Moreno Glacier – Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina

Even now, about 29 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide, Perito Moreno is one of the rare icebergs that continues to grow all over the world. It is very popular to observe ice tracks falling on the Argentino Lake from the glacier during the summer months. Get ready to get wet. !

Pointed Towers – Nambung National Park, Australia

Walking around the Pointed Towers, you can get caught up in mystical feelings. They are scary under the moonlight. Some pointed towers are 4 meters high. Scientists do not have a clear idea of exactly how these structures have emerged. What they agree with that the formation of these structures requires the effect of millions of years of geological power.

Salar de Uyuni – Andes, Bolivia

It does not rain very often here, but when it does, the gigantic salt-flat bubble turns into an invisible one! There is a thin layer of water on the surface that can not penetrate through the tight salt layer. A few centimeters of rain water + an extremely ancient lake bed = all the material needed for the mirror.It’s great for the pretty photographs.

Mendenhall Glacier – Tongass National Forest, Alaska, USA

Glaciers are actually living things. They change every day and they form caves on this. It seems that Mendenhall’s bouquet is thin every day due to seasonal changes. Glacial caverns are the result of underground water erosion. As the ceiling of the cave gets thinner, the tone of the blue color opens up.You must first reach the ice on foot or canoe in order to reach them and then step on the glacier with difficulty with the crampons before you go on the fingertips under the surface.

The Wave-Arizona, ABD

One of the coolest places to take the selfie on the planet is the Wave. You should choose noon hours to take pictures here. So, the shadows will stay away from your frame. You need permission to visit. . These fluid looking curves remind us of the legendary Catalan Surrealist Salvador Dali.


Lake Hillier – Recherche Archipelago, Australia

No one knows exactly why the water looks pink like strawberry milk. According to scientists, this water has no reason to harm people. What don’t we enter the water in such an interesting place?

Derweze – Karakum Desert, Türkmenistan

It’s early 1970’s. You are a Soviet scientist. The oil well that you had just days ago has already collapsed, and a very high amount of methane starts to flow uncontrolled through the resulting hole. What did you do? Why do not you fire with a lighter to consume the resulting gas? At the end of 40 years, this place continues to burn like hell. According to the locals living nearby, this is the “Gate of Hell”.


I hope this article inspired you about these natural beauties. If you add these places to your travels list, do not forget to add your travel to Glocalzone 🙂 Maybe, you can earn, while traveling!