7 Things That You Should Buy From Belgium


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Belgium is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. You can visit lots of beautiful places and buy amazing things in the country. Belgium, which is especially known for beers and different bakery products, is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts. We compile 7 things that you can buy from Belgium.

Street markets are also famous for Belgium. Grand Place, Marche du Midi, Place du Grand Sablon, and Vieux Marche is renowned places for Brussels.

Comic Books

lucky luke comic book from belgium

If you like reading comic books while traveling, you’re in the right place! It is the first thing that you should buy from Belgium.

Beer Cups

beer cups to buy from belgium

Beer is one of the most important flavors for Belgium so it would be a nice gift for your friends and a good memory for you.


beer to buy from belgium

One of the most important things that you should buy from Belgium is beer. Even you cannot buy and take it away, at least you should taste as much as possible. There are more than 600 different kinds of beer. You should go to beer museums and make your own beer to take your friends. In addition, you should definitely go to “Beer Tasting”. One of the most popular places in Brussels is Delirium. You can find different kinds of beer in Delirium.

Lace Products

lace products to buy from belgium

Lace products are elegant and cute things that you should buy from Belgium. You can find dresses, table clothes, a bride veil made of lace. There are different kinds such as duchess, princess, and renaissance. You should try to find handmade ones if you would buy. You can also watch lacework if you like. Or just make your grandma happy by buying some lace gifts for her.


belgium chocolate to buy from belgium

Belgium is known as the best chocolate producer in the world. Moreover, the best gift that you should get from Belgium is chocolate. If you go there you have to buy some chocolate! It is a fact. Expensive and tasty chocolates of Neuhaus, Leonidas, Wittamer with the chocolate croissant, Mary, Elisabeth with chocolate turfs, Pierre Marcolini with pure flavors and macaroons, Corne Port Royal with candies and chocolate biscuits are just a few of amazing tastes.

Wall Tapestry

wall tapestry to buy from belgium

Wall Tapestry is a historical thing that you can buy from Belgium. You can also find bags, purses, and slippers made as a tapestry.


One of the yummiest options that you can buy from Belgium is waffle. You can buy some to eat with your family or friends, and you can also buy the waffle flour to bake it yourself.

Have a nice trip, and have fun! If you don’t have any chance to go to Belgium, you can buy these products from Glocalzone via travelers!

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