7 Things That You Should Buy From China

7 Things That You Should Buy From China


A huge unique country in Eastern Asia: China. The name itself makes you want shopping, doesn’t it? We all know that China is one of the places that can satisfy a shopping-addict fully. But the struggle is that it is not quite easy to choose what you should buy from China because of the variety of products. Let’s make it easier to decide!

Here’s what you should buy from China!


Silk is one of the most popular products in China which tourists generally interest in.
Under this circumstances, there are numerous silken products that are being sold nearly in every bazaar. Silk rugs, sheets, scarves, embroidery, clothing…

In addition, don’t get surprised if vendors try to burn the silk products while you are buying one. They will probably want to prove that they sold real silk. Because of the fact that real silk burns clean, while fake silk melts.

Considering the quality and variety of silk products, silk is the first thing that you should buy from China.


Tea is even more popular than silk in China. It can be grown nearly in every region of China. What is more, all those tea’s names come from the region they have grown such as West Lake Dragon Well Tea and Huangshan Maofeng Tea. And also they all taste different. Isn’t it madness?

Teas can be found everywhere in China. There are many Tea Shops and Tea Malls in China that you can have some samples of teas before you buy one. We suggest not to lose yourself while trying to find the best one because they all have the different flavor which makes it impossible to finish tasting.

Popular teas you should buy from China;

  • Longjing Tea of Hangzhou,
  • Biluochun Tea of Suzhou,
  • Maofeng Tea of Huangshan

3) Fake Luxury Brands

People are talking about how cheap China is. That’s true but there is an important fact that Chinese tend to produce and sell the same products as the luxury brands’ products. You can find Louis Vuitton handbags, Louboutin shoes, RayBan sunglasses and Apple iPhones with quite cheaper price tags. But you should consider that they are fake. If you are okay with using fake products, then China is a kind of heaven for you. Original products of luxury brands are also being sold in China but you should be careful while deciding if they are original or not.

If the prices are too good to be true, then it probably is.


You might not have heard about this traditional Chinese alcoholic drink before. However, it’s production and consumption dates back to more than a thousand year. Also, Baijiu is a big part of Chinese culture. Rumors have it that drinking it-especially in business dinners- is considered as a trusted sign! If you are a strong fan of strong alcoholic drinks, then Baijiu is the first thing you should buy from China!

Baijiu is a blend, it contains a mixture of some raw materials in it such as Sorghum, Wheat, Rice, Sticky Rice, and Corn. As a result of this, it has a strong flavor which makes it hard to drink straight. People generally prefer to drink Baijiu with some tropical fruit aromas but if you want to challenge yourself with drinking it straight the choice is yours!

If you want to learn more about Baijiu visit the link below.

What is Baijiu?

5)Bamboo Products

China leads the bamboo-based production in the world and the fame of the bamboo products expand day by day. As a renewable source, bamboo contains low carbon which makes it environmentally friendly. Also, there are numerous types of products made from bamboo that you can buy. Especially kitchen products, towels, and clothing are so common in these days.

Also bamboo started to be used in the manufacture of everyday items like toothbrushes and plates in order to avoid the over-accumulation of the garbage out there. The best part of using bamboo products is that it is a really safe source with it’s %100 natural content and it can be recycled. The world can be changed with little considerate steps. Make a difference, you’re the one who can save the world!

6) Chinese Knot

The Chinese art of knotting is a really popular and ancient tradition in China. Basically, it is a single length of cord which is tied and woven in an authentic shape. What is more, there are some certain shapes of the knot and they all have different symbolic meanings.

You can find them as a decoration object or as an adornment on clothes. It may be a nice gift for a mom, day, girlfriend or a boyfriend. If you like authentic objects then Chinese Knot is the thing that you should buy from China.

7) Accessories and Jewelry

Most of the tourist attractions have shops selling everything from glasses to jewelry in China. The best part is that Accessories and Jewelry are much cheaper in China than anywhere else. Also, the variety of markets and products will amaze you. It might be a good idea to stock up while here for a fashion addict.

WARNING! Don’t forget that most products in tourist markets are not real silver or jade. In addition, the quality of products might not be incredibly high considering the prices. Be careful while shopping from tourist markets.

Can you get products without shipping cost or without going to China?

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