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7)Renee Roaming

Renee is an Austalian photographer and blogger. She is one of the beauties you need to follow immediately if you have a good aesthetic pleasure.
I can say that she owe her free spirit to her parents. As we read from her blog, their parents brought up her with adventures. Thanks to this she became a travel addict and now, she is exploring all around the world-especially USA- with her husband!
As she said “If we simply stay inside our homes, towns, states, or even countries, we will only ever know what is familiar to us. Breaking out of your comfort zone teaches you about other cultures and opens your eyes to other ways of living.”. Don’t you think like that?
I suggest you to check her blog and learn more about her!



6)JC Pirei

A 27 years old French boy who love living extreme; JC Pirei!! He is a talented filmmaker and photographer. He travels the world and records fascinating moments. All the registrations turns into mini magical movies in his hands and you can’t take your eyes from the screen… Our French boy knows what to do! You’ll understand when you watch them.

5)Chelsea Yamase aka

A Hawaiian model, athlete and writer. Chelsea created her own world on social media and she put all her thoughts, photos and stroies into it. I think in theese days, it’s hard to find someone like her. Because despite of the modern culture she love sharing little things like untold stories ,forgotten photos or epic moments. What a pure soul…
As she think, everybody needs to spend their time as they want, not the way they’re imposed to.

4) #denemenlazım

I belive that experiences are much more important than the money you have or things you buy. You can improve yourself by trying new food, exploring new places, meeting new people or discovering forgotten music. If you interested in the things i mentioned but you don’t know how, this account is just for you!! Travel, art, technology, food, event, music, fashion, more and more…
I highly recommend you to take a glance at this website.

3)The Slow Traveler

Carolyn is a UK based traveller, photographer an instagram influencer. She is writing little useful tips about creating a better instagram account and growing your audience. Also she shares magnificent travel photos. I love the way she edits her photos. It’s like you’re looking at heaven…You’ll understand if you take a look!

Five simple ways to reach more people on Instagram


2)The Bucket List Family

After their marriage, our young couple Jessica and Garrett decided that there are still so much thing to learn about world and life before they set up a home. Then, they did something shocking; they sold everything they had for an adventure around the world. While you are reading this our couple and their 2 cuties -Dorothy and Manilla- are embarking on an adventure again and again!
They also prepared a checklist to be completely ready for life. Let’s check all their bucket list together!


1)Nomadic Boys

Our gay couple Stefan and Sebastian have been travelling together since 2004. They have a gigantic destination list from Mangolia to Colombia… They also share their most interesting experiments during their travels. You must sheck the “Gay Stories” on their website. Belive me you’re not gonna regret. By the waywhile they are travelling the world they taste local flavours and share the recipes of them.

The most important topic about them is the fact that they are carrying out a social duty. They are taking attention to the gay rights and telling stories about what they live on this way.
I’m sure that they have much more stories to share. Take a look to their website, i claim that you’re gonna be addicted to it!!

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