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The Seychelles Republic is a place that you must see before die. It is a pinch of heaven; when you see once you don’t want to come back. The country consists of 115 different islands. Its amazing nature, multiple cultural communities, delicious traditional dishes, incredible underwater views are just a few reasons to visit the Seychelles Republic.

Festival Kreol

The festival takes places on the island name of Mahe. Mahe is the biggest island in the Seychelles Republic. The name of the festival comes from ‘Creoles’. It is the name of local people, and they have an inspiring story comes from their ancestors. The event is in October. They celebrate the spirit of the way of their lives. At the same time, they introduce their art, dance, music, food; shortly their culture.

Coco De Mer 

‘Coco De Mer’ in other words see coconut is a fruit that is just grown in the Seychelles Republic. Before you buy, you should double-check whether its real one or not. They are pretty heavy but the seller makes it empty before you buy. I agree that it looks a bit interesting, but it is also a good memory.

Need Some Space?

If you want to get rid of intense work pressure ‘Bird Island’ is the best place for you in the Seychelles Republic. Your mobile phone cannot work here!

Shark Chutney

Let’s look at delicious the Seychelles Republic cuisine. It is a traditional Seychellois food that you should definitely taste. They make it by shark meat and a traditional fruit ‘bilimbi’.

Takamaka Rum

Alcohol is one of the best parts of travelling abroad. Takamaka Rum is a spied and sweet drink you should definitely try in the Seychelles Republic. It has different varieties such as coco rum, white rum, Takamaka Dark, Takamaka Extra Dark and so on.

These are some beauties of the Seychelles Republic. I hope you enjoy it!