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You may familiar some stories about traveling some people with their dogs or cat. This time, we will see a different story.  Cynthia Bennett travels with both, her cat and dog. In time, Henry the Colorado dog and Baloo the kitten became fellow traveler for Cynthia. Let’s take a little trip in that adventurous family’s life.

Her adventure has started with Henry, she adopted him. When they saw each other, she understood that he choose her with his behaviors.

Lovely kitten Baloo has also impressed Cynthia and she decided to adopt her too. She tells her emotions at that moment like;

Baloo convinced me to bring him home in under a minute. He was super playful and curious and the biggest love bug!

Don’ let mislead that he is 5 months old, he is already as adventurous as his brother.

Cynthia, her boyfriend, and their children Henry and Baloo became an ordinary but cute and adventurous family. They are hiking, camping and discovering that beautiful world together. They adore and protect each other, especially Henry and Baloo.

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They found their places in the world, I hope you can do the same 🙂


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