The Most Annoying Things In Airports

The Most Annoying Things In Airports

Airports! We know that airports are indispensable to fly. We use the airports for travel, business and for our adventures. While some airports do their job very well to kill time, but other airports need to improve themselves. Here are the most uncomfortable situations that travelers encounter at airports.



1.Body Search In Security

We are aware that everything is done to ensure our safety, but knowing this, unfortunately, does not make the hand less uncomfortable by someone you do not know. If you do not want your private space to be captured, you can prevent it by removing everything in your belt and pockets (including bad coins).



2. Show Your Boarding Pass To Buy Something

In the past, it was enough to ask you to show your boarding passes in duty-free shopping. It’s really annoying to get your boarding card in your bag all the time to get a handkerchief or gum.



3. Lack Of Power Sockets

We live in an age when electronic devices are abundant. Nearly every traveler is carrying at least one device. But at some airports only, we have power sockets where we can buy our tablets, smartphones or laptops. Why is there a power socket in every airport seat? We invite airport operators to consider this.


4. A Few Place To Sit

Some airports offer enough seats for their customers. For example, at some airports, there is so little space to sit on people’s walls to keep them clean. In some airports, there are so many seating areas provided to restaurants that people are buying something from restaurants to just find a place to sit. This may be good for the satisfaction of the shoppers, but deterioration in terms of passenger satisfaction has a negative effect.

6. Having To Pay For Wi-Fi

I really don’t understand why they are paying people for wi-fi connection. They already preferred your airport. So, it’s unnecessary.



7. Most Of The Shops At The Airport Are Unnecessary For Most People

Most people who have an extra hour while they are waiting for the flight take this time by visiting the shops. But, they are insist on working with jewelers, very lavish restaurants or the most expensive clothing brands with the idea that everyone is very rich. These perceptions need to change. Travelers should be presented with the options they are waiting for: Zara and H&M


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