Are You Ready for 12 Hours of Hiking to Trolltunga?

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Norway is an incredible place to explore, with incredible mountains, valleys, and fjords. One of the most fascinating views in Norway – Trolltunga, it is totally breathtaking. Trolltunga is situated about 1200 meters above the sea level and hike starts in Skjeggedal, continue with high mountains. It is 28 km in total to Trolltonga and returns, it takes 10-12 hours in total. But at the end, you can understand that it is totally worth it! Here are some tips and a short guide to Trolltunga!

How to Get There?

The starting point to hike is in Skjeggedal, 7 km from Tyssedal in Odda municipality. You can get Odda from Bergen or Oslo by bus or train. Once you reach Odda, you’ll take a bus through Tyssedal, which is the easiest way to get there. There are a couple of hostels in Tyssedal so it can be a good idea to stay in there to start your hike with the first lights of day. Since it will take your all day, it is highly recommended to start to hike earlier in the morning. 

What To Bring With You?

  • Hiking Pack- The first and the most important thing is a comfortable and light backpack.
  • Water Bottle- You only need the first bottle and on the way, there are many water streams that you can refill.
  • Food Pack- Very simple lunch, high-energy snacks, and protein bars.
  • Hiking Boots and Socks- Waterproof boots and an extra pair of socks will help you a lot during hiking.
  • Layer Clothes- You should dress in layers for the hike because when you stop for a few minutes to take a rest, you won’t get cold and when you begin hiking again, you can take the layer off.
  • Your Camera/Phone- At the top of the adventure, you need your camera to enjoy the view and take incredible photos!

Friendly Tips!

  • Get there as early as possible to not to wait for taking photos with the amazing view.
  • The first hour of hiking is the hardest part, don’t give up, it’s going to be worth it.
  • The best time to hike is between May and September, try to prefer those months.
  • Do not take a heavy backpack, it will be very hard to hike with them.
  • Be prepared for the changing weather conditions during the day.

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