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Bordeaux’s magic! A city on the Garonne River in the south-west of France! It is such a city that you will fall in love with it, almost fascinated! We are sure that you have heard the same things from your travel companions or from many different sources and you are too curious about the Bordeaux’s magic! Let me tell you how people are fascinated by Bordeaux!

Have You Ever Been in a Wine Heaven?

If your answer is no then you have never gone to Bordeaux. The locals are producing unique wines in their own way. 90% of the wines that everyone loves are red wine. The alcohol content of wines is very low compared to the usual. You can visit the newly opened wine museum and have a close look at world wines.

Bordeaux City Gate

When you see this perfect door separating the part of the city protected by UNESCO, you will understand better what Bordeaux magic is.

It seems to have drawn every point of this city with an artist’s pen. So look at these local restaurants and cafes! I’m picking up the suitcase and I’m on my way!


Calm Soul City!

A few years ago, Bordeaux was not such a touristy city. The formerly somewhat gloomy city has recently become coloured and has become a travel destination for tourists to travel on. Nevertheless, there is not a touristic trend like Paris that will overwhelm you. Besides, Bordeaux, with its calmness of the Garonne river, has a spell that relaxes its guests. The city is truly peaceful, a very good option for travelers who want to relax but also to explore new places.

If you have a travel plan that you choose to meet the Bordeaux spree, you will have a fantasy holiday waiting for you to experience the French dream.

There is a video if you want to see more details about Bordeaux!

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