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 As we said in our motto, we aim to make everything reachable FOR you. Travelers can earn money by turning empty places in their suitcases into advantages, while the locals have access to products from all over the world with better and personal tracking for their cargo. You can even decide in where and when you want to receive your product by communicating with the traveler.



Cay Kahve Insan

Cay Kahve Insan, a YouTube channel that adds value into our lives.

They give startups the chance of introducing themselves in a free and unbiased way. How they have decided to start this project is very interesting.  Tarık, the founder of Cay Kahve Insan, says in their video that he and his partners have failed 19 times in different startup projects.  After his interest into digital marketing in last two years, he recognized that a product’s cover is more important than the product itself. The problem was that the pr agencies are very costly but a startup is the thing that tries to work with maximum efficiency and minimum budget.

Then they have started to ask themselves this question “How the startups in Turkey can express themselves?”. Finally, Cay Kahve Insan has emerged. Over a year, they produced more than 80 contents and introduced more than 40 entrepreneurs in their channel.

Last week, we were their guests with our startup project, Glocalzone! You may watch the video in Turkish but the English subtitle is available 🙂