What is the Cittaslow?

What is the Cittaslow?

The movement of cittaslow

The Movement of cittaslow was born in 1999 through the Paolo Saturnini’s brilliant intuition, past Mayor of Greve in Chianti, a little town of Tuscany.

The new idea of considering the town itself and thinking of a different way of development, based on the improving of life quality , moved him to spread his thoughts all over our country.


Good living means having the opportunity of enjoying solutions and services that allow citizens to live their town in an easy and pleasant way.

Slow for a better life

They are looking for “towns where men are still curious of the old times. Towns rich of theatres, squares, cafes, workshops, restaurants and spiritual places.  Towns with untouched landscapes. Charming craftsman where people are still able to recognize the slow course of the Seasons. …Their genuine products respecting tastes, health and spontaneous customs.

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