The Most Convenient Places for Extreme Sports

The Most Convenient Places for Extreme Sports

Hi reader! Are you ready to feel some adrenaline? Rafting, cliff diving, volcano surfing, cave diving, zorbing, highlining and downhill bike these sports produced by people who trying to make life better. In this text, you will know where to go when you want adrenaline. Let’s begin to show..

Volcano surfing

Volcano boarding is the art of zooming down the face of an active volcano. Cerro Negro and some part of Sierra Nevada are the most suitable land for this extreme sport. If you love speed, you will absolutely feel when you surf on the ash.

Downhill mountain bike

Downhill mountain bike  is used to full-suspension bikes (designed to float over rocks) by “extreme sport lovers”.You should try immediately in Whistler, British Columbia.


Zorbing  is the act of rolling down a hill in a transparent plastic ball. The original zorb company has arms in Rotarua, but you’ll find copycat outfits all over the world.

Cave diving

First Cathedral is the most popular dive site off Lanai. The dive site contains a huge chamber.




Highlining is tightrope walking taken to the absolute extreme. The sport involves fixing a 1 inch thick rope between two mountains and walking over the gap in between. If you want yo try you should visit Yosemite NP in California.


The Colorado Rivers offers a wide range of water and is known to be one of the most rafting destination in the world. Why? Because it has more than 1.450 miles in total and cuts through the world famous Grand Canyon.

Cliff diving

Cliff diving in Tar Creek Falls,California located in Los Padres Natonal Forest and also known as one of the scariest cliff dives in the world is this place. A 70 foot cliff with drops ranging between 10-25 feet. Visitors say the best time to visit is suring spring when pools are safe for diving..


Flow boarding

This event actually hasn’t the best place because it is a hand-made system. But sounds good. Why? Because this system established in some parts of the world. Also you can learn where this places in google.





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