13 Things You Should Buy From Morocco

There are many things to buy from Morocco. Morocco is an amazing and exotic destination in Africa. The fact that the country is in Africa shouldn’t mislead you. Morocco is a cultural and economically developed country. Vegetable-fruit juice sellers, snake-monkey players, fortune tellers, women with henna, dancers in traditional costumes in Jemaa el-Fnaa square are a part of the wonderful culture of Morocco. We compiled 13 things you may buy from Morocco. Let’s cast an eye of them.

Moroccan Leather

Moroccan leather is a unique and cultural piece you should buy from Morocco. There are lots of leather products such as clothing, handbags, slippers, poufs, shoes, wallets, and homewares.

morrocon leather buy from morocco


Babouches are traditional leather slippers you may buy from Morocco. The colors and shapes will definitely fascinate you! They are comfortable and light.

Carpets & Rugs

The other stuff you can buy from Morocco is carpets and rugs. You should definitely be ready for higgle because the seller will tell you high amounts at the beginning. It is worth to buy them!

Pillow Covers

Pillow covers in Morocco is a great idea for decoration lovers. They are made from rugs, you’ll find them stylish. They are easy to carry and perfect as a gift.

Argan Oil

If you are curious about healing oils, Argan Oil is a thing you should definitely buy from Morocco. You can find argan oil anywhere in Morocco. There are also lots of fake oils, so you should buy them from the pharmacy. It is a nutritious oil for your hair and skin. It has lots of vitamins. You also use it for cooking.


Djellaba is a traditional Moroccan caftan you may buy from Morocco. It fits both men and women.


Baskets are amazing and useful things you should definitely buy from Morocco. You can find different sizes and colors of those baskets.


Spices are an important part of the Morocco trip and the culture. Spices can be a wonderful gift and a different taste to try for you. You’ll find ginger, saffron, paprika, pepper, cinnamon, fenugreek and so on.


It is a gorgeous option for home lighting and decoration. You should prefer handmade ones. They use different metals to tin, silver, copper and so on. There are different kinds such as floor lamps, hanging pendants, and sconces.


Ceramics are fascinating things you should buy from Morocco. Their history is very old. They have a huge range of color, size, and shape for ceramics.

Moroccan Pastries

Morocco is home to forests of thuya trees which have precious wood. Moroccans artisans craft so many types of objects like boxes and tea tables as you can see in the photo. Thuya is very popular in Moroccan gifts but it’s hard to find large pieces.


There are plenty of colors you can choose and are so many purses decorated with colorful pompoms. They can make your outfit exotic & blow!

It’s time to have fun and shopping! Don’t forget to add your travel to Glocalzone!

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