5 Celebrations that Must be Actually Inaccessible to Travelers in December

5 Celebrations that Must be Actually Inaccessible to Travelers in December

We are about to enter the month of December and many of us are preparing or planning to travel. What do you think of making these trips more fun? Here are 5 interesting festivals. If you have these countries in your travel plans, do not return without joining the festivals. Great fun! 😀

1) Santa Claus Conference

Date: December 13

Location: San Francisco, USA

A lot of Santas! You can see so many people in Santacon wearing a Santa Claus outfit. This event, held for the first time in 1994 in San Francisco, is celebrated today at 311 different locations in 42 countries. Considering the participants who modified the costume according to themselves; hipster, punk, gothic or geek Santa.

These Santas go to various cafes, bars, shopping malls and they tour around town. According to the points, the event plans are on the website.

2) Burning The Clocks

Date: December 21

Location: Brighton, England

Burning The Clocks was created in 1994 by the local art community Same Sky to celebrate an independent celebration of religions, a light and art festival that brings the whole city of Brighton together to celebrate the winter getaway.

In recent years, more and more Christmas time has taken a stand against the increasing consumption habits, the participants walk on the shores with the flammable lanterns they can fly. The celebration, which sets another theme every year, has chosen the theme of “city” this year.

3) Junkanoo Gate

Date: December 26

Location: Nassau, Bahamas

Every year, the Junkanoo Pass, which takes place on Bay Street, one of the most popular streets of Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas, has rhythmic drumming, melodic zurnas and rainbow colors. The parade, the national pride of the Bahamas, makes the streets a carnival of sound and image that all participants will pass by themselves.

The cultural activity is one of the oldest celebrations of the Caribbean, given that John Canoe, an African tribal chief during the slavery of the 17th century, did not demand the right to celebrate his own culture.

4) Sunburn Festival

Date: December 27-29

Location: Goa, India

Sunburn on India’s Goa beach is one of Asia’s biggest music festivals. It is possible to participate in the festival with electronic music between Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. In addition to music in the event, organizations for food, shopping, and entertainment continue for three days.

As well as the people who dressed up and danced crazily in the festival; water slides, windsurfing, and so on. The festival, which has been widely thought of and successfully performed, has of course been awarded many times.

5) Hogmanay

Date: December 29 – January

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Celebrating the New Year for the Scots, a much more important celebration than Christmas, this is where Hogmanay is celebrated. An old pagan tradition of singing songs and ridding fire to escape the winter spirits, Hogmanay evolved into a spectacular celebration with parades and fireworks, year by year.

There are concerts in the park below the castle of Edinburgh. If I tell you that Blondie, UB40, and Moby have performed before, you can also see how serious this activity is.

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