5 Places That You Should Visit in Moscow

With its interesting architectural structures and different lifestyles, Russia suffers thousands of tourists every year. Russia’s capital city, which will host the world cup this year, has many fascinating places in Moscow. Here are the 5 places that you should visit in Moscow!

1. Kremlin Palace and Red Square

Metro Station: Okhotny Ryad/Охотный ряд on Sokolnicheskaya Line

Of course, there is no going to Moscow and not visiting this square and the iconic Kremlin Palace. It is a great place to meet some of the finest examples of Russia’s ancient architectural history and capture a few square-foot photographs at Red Square, which is surrounded by the Kremlin Palace with its fantastic architecture.

2. Saint Basil Cathedral

saint basil cathedral visit in moscow

Metro Station: Okhotny Ryad/Охотный ряд on Sokolnicheskaya Line

Saint Basil’s Cathedral is definitely a place that you should visit in Moscow when you go to Russia. It is a fact accepted by everyone that Russia is the most magnificent example of architecture. Everything that fascinates Russia’s eight domed cathedrals, dedicated to the fight against the Kazan people.

It is also possible to encounter a great many artistic wonders of the history of Russia handcrafted in the cathedral.

3. The Bolshoi Theater

The Bolshoi Theater hosts every year the world’s most famous opera, ballet and theater performances. With its interesting and elegant architecture,  you should definitely see the Bolshoi theater when you go to Moscow. Here are a few photos showing you the architecture of this fabulous theater.

4. Old Arbat Street

It is a great alley to take a few Instagram poses with your friends and visit the local shops. In Old Arbat, you can witness the daily life of the Russians and get souvenirs for your friends. Also, there is the Hard Rock Cafe which is so iconic for all over the world. You can also find some world famous fast food restaurants like Mc Donalds. Old Arbat Street is one of the places that you should visit in Moscow.

5. Bunker 42

Russian soldiers built an underground museum that protected several objects. In this museum, which is fully shielded from nuclear attacks, you can spend a day or organize the rendezvous with military guides. You should definitely see this museum, which is 65 meters below the place where a few interesting military games are allowed to be played when you go to watch the World Cup.

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