Always with you! Covid-19 Pandemic

Working from home, doing daily exercises, reading a book, searching more, dancing more, watching movies and listening podcast is just some part of the changes which we have been doing in our life lately because of covid-19 pandemic. It’s kind like a challenge for us to quit most of our habits in a day, but we know that these days are not permanent.

For the measurements of the coronavirus outbreak, we are not able to travel. I know you miss to go on a trip and see cool places, but stay strong for a little bit more! Think about when we overcome this period, you will have a trip plan, get your suitcase ready and get a plane ticket to start to your journey! Just for now stay at home and be safe! We’re always here working for you.

Now almost every country has travel restrictions in order to prevent spreading Covid-19. Don’t worry about if you cannot bring the product on time for your shopper on Glocalzone, we will let the shopper know about the delay and the product will be given after the restrictions are removed. Just inform us via about the situation.

covid-19 pandemic

Take care of your health! Check out of WHO (World Health Organization) instructions! At the same time, we’re going to be sharing the good news about Covid-19 with you on our Instagram account. But hey, if you want to get inspiration, meet us on our account as well! Follow us!

If you’re a shopper you can still shop from abroad. Send an email to about your concern or feedbacks and we will help you quickly!

Ready for good news now? We have considered your feedback and renewed Glocalzone to serve a better experience. Get ready for a new user-friendly Glocalzone App for covid-19 pandemic!

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