Catchy Things That You Should Buy From Barcelona

Hola amigos! Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world. During a travel, memories are everything for us. Let’s check together what kind of memories we can collect or what we can buy for our friends.

  • Gaudi style souvenirs.
  • Worldwide known espadrilles, the best place you can find them is  La Manuel Alpargatera in Gothic Street.
  • Catalonian’s worldwide known Lladro porcelain trinkets.
  •  Various types of hand fans, castanes, and shawls that belongs to Andalusian’s culture.
  •  ‘Damasiquinos’ that specifically belongs to Toledo made by gold machining on a steel surface.
  • Porro, Catalan’s traditional wine cup.
  • Synthetic pearls that prepared in Majorca Island.
  • Handmade ceramics which called ‘azulejos’ are specific to Spain, that coming from Muslim culture.
  • For football lovers, you may buy Barcelona Football Team uniforms.
  •  One of the best desserts in the world which named ‘Churros’.
barcelona churros
  • Handmade and leather shoes and handbags.
  • If you want to taste different kinds of cheeses, you should try famous Spanish cheese ‘Manchego’.
  • You should definitely watch Flamenco Shows. In fact, you can buy flamenco clothes, shoes, accessories that you can wear your hand or flamenco dancer trinkets.
  • Don’t forget Sangria and Cava. Sangria is made from wine and Cava is the tastiest and lightest wine that you can drink in Spain.
  • Enjoy your adventure in Spain, have fun!

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