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Europe’s Best Destinations for Cheese Lovers


Are you a cheese lover? If your love for cheese is enough to set you packing, here are the best destinations for cheese in Europe:


Many gourmet travelers visit this beautiful country since it is one of the best destinations for cheese in Europe. When you visit Cheese Markets in the Netherlands, you can try not only Edam and Gouda cheese which originates from Netherland, but also different kind of local cheeses.

nerherlands cheese


Switzerland is the hometown of fondue, which is one of the most delicious tastes in the world. Bread chunks dipped in a pot of hot cheese, has literally been a national dish of Switzerland since the 1930s. But fondue is not the only delicious taste in Switzerland, you should definitely try Gruyère and  Raclette cheese which are poured over grilled vegetables and meats while smelling the life in Switzerland streets.


France is certainly home of the world’s broadest selection, with more than 400 different types of cheese. When you visit French Alps,  you can try the wonderful variety of cheeses, including Beaufort, Abondance, Reblochon, Bleu de Sassenage, Tomme de Savoie and all of them produced according to ancient traditional techniques, which make them more special.


Cheese is an important part of both traditional and modern Danish food culture. When you visit Denmark and hear that cheese smell in traditional cheese markets, feel free to try them and see how incredible they are. Denmark produces a different kind of cheese like pungent cheeses, triple-crèmes and blue cheeses to enjoy alone with wine, as an appetizer, or with fruit. Yeah, it is one of the best destinations for cheese in Europe. So it is time for you to enjoy them!

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