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Frequently Asked Questions

First, you should add your travel to Glocalzone and start talking to the shoppers you match. After you agree with the shopper on the product price and the traveler reward, the shopper pays the total amount. You should buy the requested products when the shopper makes the payment. Once you deliver the purchased products to the shopper, the money will be transferred to your wallet. 🙂

Glocalzone suggests travelers a reward amount according to the product price. Travelers can still change the amount depending on the deal. Possible extra fees of buying the product should also be considered when negotiating with the shopper. 🙂 Glocalzone allows payments in Euro(EUR), but our team is currently working on allowing other currencies as well! The reward amount depends on the product price, product size and the deal made with the shopper. A traveler can make around $500 per travel by bringing various products

1 Euro is collected for controlling purposes. It’s added to your balance, and can be withdrawn whenever.

You are able to chat with the shoppers you match. It’s recommended that you talk with the shopper about the product size, color etc. before purchasing it. Once you get to the delivery stage, you can use the Glocalzone chat to set the time and location. Glocalzone chat will act as evidence at any conflict.

Glocalzone aims to build a reliable community and an environment of trust. The shopper’s payment is kept securely at Glocalzone, and is transferred to your balance once the delivery is confirmed. We recommend that you meet with the shopper at a public space for delivery or ship the product to the shopper.

Buying the order with your budget is very important for us to ensure the security of the payment. To comply with the worldwide TSA and air safety regulations, you have to know what’s in the order you carry. We also guarantee that the shopper’s payment will be transferred to you as long as you comply with the Glocalzone secure payment system by purchasing the order with your own budget.

After the confirmation of the delivery, shopper’s payment is transferred to your balance within the same day. You can transfer the money to yourself by using the payout method you added to the system.

Glocalzone allows payments in Euro(EUR), but our team is currently working on allowing other currencies as well!

By purchasing the product yourself, you will get to learn about the product. You also have to make sure that the product complies with the air travel rules of the country you’re flying to.

You have to deliver the product(s) to the shopper within 5 working days of your travel, or the order will be canceled. After the 5 days past and the products are not shipped, we will try to reach out to you. The order will be cancelled in case we can’t contact you within 2 more business days.

You can determine the date and time of the delivery with the shopper. We recommend that you meet the shopper in public places. You also have the option to ship the product(s) depending on the deal with the shopper. However, we remind you that Glocalzone does not have an agreement with a shipping service provider.

You have the right to cancel the order if the price of the product has changed. The shopper can create a new request with the updated price in this case. It’s recommended that you look up the price of the product before you accept a request. Once you accept a request, you should try to buy the product(s) as soon as possible to eliminate the possibility of a price change.

Onec you agree on the product price and delivery fee, you can take the order with peace of mind, since shoppers pay for the orders. For the delivery of the product, you have two options: 1) meeting the shopper 2) shipping the products to the shopper. It’s recommended that you keep the tracking number if you choose to ship the products. Once the shopper receives the package and confirms it, the money will then be transferred to your account.

You should try to reach out to the shopper and set up a new meeting time and date if the shopper doesn’t show up to a meeting. Please email us at if the problem reoccurs.

If you can’t buy the product or do the delivery, talk to the shopper and then email us at for an order cancellation request.

The anticipated extra fees of purchasing a product should be talked about with the shopper, and added to the traveler reward in advance. The traveler is responsible for any not added extra fees.

You don’t have to cancel the order if you’ve already purchased the product. You can still do the delivery and receive your money. However, you can return the product if you wish, and that way both you and the shopper can get a refund.