Glocalzone 101 – How to use Glocalzone?

Glocalzone 101 – How to use Glocalzone?

Glocalzone App released and our new system offers more secure and faster payments than ever!

What is Glocalzone?

We all do online shopping but off and on we are not able to find the products that we are looking for. Or the prices of the products can be a bit more expensive than we expected and it may take weeks for them to reach us from abroad. Here, Glocalzone solves all these problems! Glocalzone is the easiest way to reach overseas products and earning money while you are traveling. 

For iOS:

For Android:

For Web:

I’ll travel soon. How can I earn money via Glocalzone? 

1- After downloading Glocalzone, click the “Add+” button on the right.

2- And then, click the “travel+” button. 

3- Add information about your travel and don’t forget to type notes like what you can bring!  

4- After clicking “create” button, you will receive a lot of product request. You should wait.

5- You should add payment information at settings to negotiate with the shopper. 

6-Choose the request that fits you and click “start haggling”.

7- After accepting request, you can start a conversation with the shopper. 

8-Click the “check” button if you want to change traveler reward and product prices. 

9- Make changes on the price and click “update order” 

10- We will make you inform when shopper accepts traveler reward and product price. Check and confirm the order and wait for the payment!

11-  You can get the products with peace of mind after seeing the payment confirmation screen. Shoppers can’t cancel their orders after this step. 

12- Don’t forget to inform you’ve got the products. 

13- Before delivering the products, press “set meeting” button to set a meeting point.  

14- When all products are delivered, click “delivered” button. And we will transfer your earnings into your account when shopper click “received” button. 

15- After you turn your travel into earnings you can rate the shopper and help other Glocalzone users to make them the right purchase.

What should I do if I want to order products via Glocalzone?

1- After Downloading Glocalzone, click “Add+” button on the right.

2- And then, click the “Product+” button.

3- Add information about product and don’t forget to type details how or what do you expect from the traveler. Product will add to your inventory list after clicking “create” button. 

4-Click the “filter” button to find the best travel for you. 

5- Pick a country, date and price limit. 

6- Then pick a travel and click the “Request Product” button.

7- Pick your product then click the “Request” button. 

8-After clicking the “request” button, you will start a conversation with travelers.

9-You can’t pay before travelers accepting traveler reward and product price. Wait for these two requests and accept them if it suits you.

10- Wait for the traveler to make the final checks. You are about to get your products!

11- Click on the “Pay” button, which will appear after the last check of the traveler. Don’t worry! Your payment will only be transferred to the traveler when you have received and approved the product. 

12- Pay easily with your credit or debit card with 3D secure.

13- We will notify you when your products have been acquired by the traveler. 

14. Don’t forget to click “done” when you received your products. 

16- You have your products now! You can rate the traveler and help other Glocalzone users! 

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