How to pre-order Xbox Series X?

Xbox Series X, world’s most awaited product of the year, will go down the history with its high quality performance. Xbox Series X which is considering how to pre-order will guide the future of consoles. The price and release date of the Xbox Series X is wondered by the people who are waiting for Xbox Series X . In this article, “How much will the Xbox Series X be?”, “When will it be available?” and “How to pre-order Xbox Series X?” is to answer all of the questions.

How much will the Xbox Series X be?

Xbox Series X has been completely redesigned, unlike former Xboxes. At the Game Awards held in Los Angeles in December 2019, its name was mentioned as “Project Scarlett”. However, Phil Spencer, one of the biggest of the Xbox company, stated that they will produce a more sustainable and future-oriented masterpiece with the name of Series X, so the name has become the Xbox Series X. However, this excellent console remains mysterious about how much “Xbox Series X” will be. Considering that the previous versions of Xbox One and Xbox One X, went on sale for around $ 499.Therefore, we can think that the Xbox Series X will go on sale close to this price. If we look at Xbox history, we can estimate that product pricing Xbox X Series will be around 7000-8000 ₺ in Turkey. I know, you think that geography is destiny. Don’t worry, we make the conditions equal with Glocalzone. It is possible to get the Xbox Series X at the US price with Glocalzone!

When will the Xbox Series X release date be?

Games developed by using only Xbox Series X hardware will meet players with the release date of Xbox Series X. Everyone’s excitedly waiting for Assasins Creed: Valhalla, The Medium, and DIRT 5 to play them with Xbox Series X. It is said that the Xbox Series X will go on sale in one of September, October, November, and December 2020, although no official explanation has been made so far. Xbox Series X may meet its fans in “2020 Thanksgiving” if we consider the discussions on various social media channels. Nonetheless, COVID-19 pandemic can prolong the process. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about it. As we mentioned above, Glocalzone can help you reach the Xbox Series X on the US release date. You will not only be the first to own the product but also you will pay the US exit price for the Xbox Series X. Glocalzone helps you to communicate with travelers to get the product for you. If you want to complete your pre-order in the safest way, you can sign up for Glocalzone’s mailing list. You will be instantly informed of all kinds of notifications and updates about pre-order!

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