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PS5 Estimated Price and Release Date & How to Buy?


The PlayStation 5 -or with its acronym- PS5 is Sony’s next-generation PlayStation. This product will be the end of the seven-year wait after Sony introduces its PlayStation 4 (of course if we assume that it will release in this year without any problem). After so many years of waiting, the PS5 release date and PS5 estimated price is the subject of curiosity.

            To answer the question of what will be the PS5 Estimated Price, we need to go back and find-out Sony’s first release prices. As we know that PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro are Sony’s latest products. Both were charged at $ 399 / £ 349 at launch. However, Playstation 5 is expected to be more expensive than these two products. According to some leaks, PS5 estimated price is expected to be around $499, although no official statement has been made yet. It will be better for you to save your money according to the estimated cost of PS5 because it seems that the PS5 release date will be in 2020.

            PS5’s release date is planned for the late 2020s by Sony. They announced the release date as “Holiday 2020”. Therefore it will be released between October and December 2020. However, this announcement is only for the US. It is unknown when the release date will be for no-U.S. Countries. But don’t worry if you’re in one of them. We have a solution for those living outside the US. Glocalzone is able to provide you a PS5, just after the release date in the US. Subscribe our pre-order list to get an update about Playstation 5 and be the first to get Playstation 5.


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