How To Spend Time In Cologne


We all love tiny suggestions about new destinations and “must to do” tips, right? Here is some advice for our Zoners to spend time in Cologne and make unforgettable memories!

1)Drink Kölsch beer in Old Town.

We all know that Germany is famous for it’s the delicious beer and to be honest, these guys are really good at producing and drinking it!

You can see the sweet houses of Old Town along the narrow road.  As you stroll around the authentic streets of the old town you will see numerous pubs, restaurants and museums. Tasting this legendary beer sounds good to spend time in Cologne, right?

Allocate a whole day to explore the dusty streets of that historical place. We heard that the Kölsch beer tastes quite better when you float around the town until your feet go numb!

2)Visit the Cologne Cathedral

The Cologne Cathedral is actually the best meeting point for residents because you can see the peak point of the church wherever you go in Cologne.

The best point is that you can visit free and see all the work of art which are hidden in the church. Who wants to take a dusty breath and take a little trip to 1900’s Cologne? Let’s go, guys, this magnificent building worth seeing.

3)Eat currywurst or pommes while strolling around the town.

Don’t leave Cologne without meeting this local savoury snack.  Actually, the city is surrounded by little currywurst shops so it’s really hard to stand out against eating it!

This traditional German street food contains German sausage, ketchup and curry which makes it a quite more mystic blend that the ordinary ones.  Sounds exotic, right?

What is more, you also can continue to discover the town and spend time in Cologne after you buy your snack. Easy to eat, hard to resist!

++ You might want to visit “Glockengasse NO:4711” and smell the mysterious Kölnisch Wasser which has a special formula and you can’t find it anywhere else except Cologne!

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