What Should Travelers Pay Attention to Delivery?

What Should Travelers Pay Attention to Delivery?

Yes, you’ve turned your travel into earnings, and now what you have to do is so simple! Let’s take a closer look at what you have to do.

#1- You must remember to inform the buyer that you have received the products! After your report, we can inform the buyer that there is less to reach the products.

2- If you take a photo of the products that you bought with our logo or the Glocalzone application, we would like to share it with our members and social media accounts. You can send the photos to ekin@glocalzone.com! Here is an example;

#3- You should pay attention to the packaging of the product. If it is fragile, put it in the suitcase to protect it! You can also carry some products in your hand luggage, but don’t forget to read the directions of the airline companies!

Credits: Transport Executive

#4- Don’t forget to set a meeting point before delivering the products. We recommend that give the product/products face to face. If you want to ship the product, you should keep the tracking number.

#5- When all products are delivered, don’t forget to click the “delivered” button! Your earnings will be transferred to your account after you click “delivered” and the shopper click “acquired” button. For those who want to receive their earnings immediately, we advise them to make the delivery as soon as they return home. 🙂

6-We need your feedback to guide other members of Glocalzone! Vote the shopper and help us to expand our unlimited world!

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