What to buy from Hungary?

What to buy from Hungary? Are you wondering the answer of this question? In that case, keep it reading. Budapest is one of the major European cities.

In addition it attracts attention with its magnificent beauties where you can see the traces of history. Besides it has many shopping opportunities. Lets look at them closely!

Hungarian Paprika

The most important ingredient of Hungarian cuisine is the red peppers that come into almost every dish. Although they have recognized this plant thanks to the Ottomans, today Hungary has very widespread red pepper production.

what to buy from hungary?

Paprika is a cheap and original gift with dozens of different types such as slightly, bitter and sweet. You can also buy it yourself. Paprika prices, which are sold in elegant packages as a gift, vary according to the amount ( 5-10 Euros).


Porcelain, which is cooked by using quartz, kaolin or feldspar and then painted and colored by handwork, has been used in aristocratic houses and palaces all over the world, especially in Austria – Hungary for centuries. Even the old ones have antique value.

Ajka Crystal

The products they ,Ajka Crystal Factory, produce such as crystal vases, chandeliers, bauble and kitchenware are among the works of art that you can buy from Budapest. None of the Ajka Crystals are the same. Because they are produced entirely by hand.

If you are looking for an extraordinary, permanent and remarkable gift or souvenir product, it is the answer to the question of what to buy from Hungary.

If you want, you can also arrange a small touristic tour to the factory to see crystal craftsmanship, but if you don’t see it, Ajka Crystals are sold at many points in the city.

Address: 18. Szent Istvan Korter, Budapest. Open: Every weekday 09:00-17: 00

Painted Eggs

In fact, even though it is associated with Easter, painted, colorful eggs are affordable, fun and stylish souvenirs that you can always find in Budapest.

Today, eggs of any color, decorated with flowers, animals and religious symbols, are caressing and selling the taste of tourists everywhere in Budapest. I’m not giving you an address in particular, but you can find hundreds of different patterns of eggs in Vaci Street or Castle Hill‘s daily markets.


Embroidery is one of the most common Hungarian crafts. So you can see the effect of traditional clothes in abundance. But what I want to mention in the article What to Buy from Hungary is tablecloths.

Colorful tablecloths, often embroidered on a white background and often with floral designs, are also a memory of Budapest for your loved ones or your own home.

The price may remain a bit high, as it is handcrafted and the Hungarian women are very talented in this matter, because the products, which are actually Made in Hungary, start at 25-30 Euro, depending on the size of the tablecloth. However, I can say that it is an original and elegant choice and it is worth it.

You can see the best examples of embroidered tablecloths at the booths at Nagy Csarnok (Grand Market) in Fovam Ter. You can even negotiate here.

Address: Vámház krt. 1-3, 1093 Budapest. Open: 06:00 – 18:00 every day except Sunday (closes only on Saturdays at 14:00).

The Hungarian Secret Box

At first glance it may seem like fancy but ordinary boxes. However, allow the shop owner or seller to show you the box in detail. You will certainly be interested in the hidden compartments in the box that you don’t even notice, how to open them, and the keys that can be stored in the box.

I wanted to propose these handmade boxes in a very elegant and decorative way as well as a gift and souvenir option that satisfies the curiosity and the desire to make puzzles.

You can see these hidden compartment boxes in the souvenir shops all over the city, but for hundreds of different models and patterns, Nagy Csarnok (Great Market) and the stands here are the most ideal places that I mentioned in the top of the article.

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