5 Things We Can Do When Our Passport Is Stolen Abroad

Many people worry when their passport is lost or stolen abroad. However, there is no need to worry because if you follow these steps, you can find your passport easily.

1.Have a copy of your passport


Before you go on your trip, make sure you have a  photocopy of your passport and keep it a separate place. This will help you if you lose your passport. Furthermore, you can take your photo and mail to you, if you do not want to deal with photocopying.

2.Ask your hotel for help

The receptionist will take a copy of your passport for security reasons when you are abroad. You can use these copies until you get your temporary passport or travel document with the hotel authorities.

3.Get a minute from the police station

You should go to the nearest police station and receive a report when you notice your passport lost or stolen. You can go to the consulate with a record of your lost yours, you can return to the country with the document. If you are involved any crime with your lost or stolen passport, you will not be responsible for these crimes.

4.Apply to the consulate


You can obtain a temporary passport or travel document by contacting the nearest Consulate of the Republic of Turkey with the minutes obtained by giving the consulate a lost proclamation. With this document, you can return seamlessly to the country. Those who live abroad can also apply for the newest passport with this minutes by applying to the nearest consulate.

5.Prefer your return flight directly

Another thing to note is that your return flight directly returns to your country. On transit flights, there is a possibility of a problem with travel documents or transit passports, depending on the procedure of the transit country and whether the airport has an international transit zone. This is why we recommend that you contact the consulate of the country where the transfer is to be made to confirm your passport or temporary and to return directly to your country if necessary by changing your return flight.

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