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Traveler family! Today, we can see a lot of families that are traveling with their children or a lot of people travel with their pet friends. But this is new, this family is traveling by a school bus. Of course, it is not a normal one. They designed it as a hostel.


Val and Tim is a couple that has full of traveling love. After they got married, they quickly started to travel all around the world with their dog and with a small budget. That couple feels like home when they are on the road. During a travel, the idea came to their mind. Suddenly, Val and Tim decided to operate a hostel but they didn’t want to give up their passion for mountains and skiing. After that, our couple started to check a transportable house.

They realized that big a school bus is exactly what they need and they started to researching. Buying and designing stuff is not cheap, so they made a plan and mounted a campaign. During that stuff, Val was pregnant but she didn’t give up and got in contact with some people to help them to make their dreams come true. Finally, they collected the budget that they needed and bought the bus.


In this process, plenty of people volunteered to help them designing the bus. Volunteers brought them some pieces for the bus and worked with them. Firstly, they disassemble everything like chairs on the bus and throw them all. Repaired rusty parts of their bus-house and put the items of furniture such as an oven, washing machine, bed, dinner table, shower and so on. They have also a bedroom just belong to them.


An old school bus became a lovely and nature intertwined home and a hostel that has 6 more beds. They cook for their customers as you see in the picture. Their little girl Fenne grows up in this bus. Amazing family hosts a lot of people in this hostel. Sometimes, they go the beaches for surfing, and sometimes they go to the Alps and the other mountains.


I think they are the best hostel owners in the world. Sometimes they eat dinner together and sometimes they watch movies by using their projector. During that journey, they meet plenty of customers but I think they are not their customers. They are their family.  I hope all the best for them!

Let’s see their house from their view;

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