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Hitch-hiking is a life saver travel option for travelers. Of course, it has certain ways to do it.

  • Firstly, you need a well-shaped thumb. (: If you decided to travel by hitch-hiking, you need to know that you should use your thumb to stop a car.

  • The manner of clothing is also essential. Drivers care about your clothing and your backpacks.

  • Do not insist on stopping the car. And please don’t try to jump in front of any car. (:
  • Be patient! While you are waiting on the road it may take 5 minutes or hours. Please don’t let this situation dismay you. Never ever give up and keep trying. And you should continue walking slowly.
  • The places that you choose is also significant. Stoplights and filling stations are the best places you should definitely prefer. Never occupy the safety tape on the road. Consider an emergency situation for an ambulance or a police car.

  • Try to avoid doing this at night because your chance is low. In addition, bends and curves on the road are dangerous to thumb a car.

  • Try to make eye contact with drivers. That forces them politely to stop.
  • If you’re not afraid, it is easy to stop a motorcycle.
  • Be ready for surprises about a driver. He may fart, burp or smell really bad. You should be ready for the worst.

  • Take care of being reasonable. If you have plenty of bags and kinds of stuff it annoys drivers.
  • Now, you are ready to hitch-hike!! It’s adventure time. (: