How To Find The Cheapest Apple Watch Series 3

How To Find The Cheapest Apple Watch Series 3


Smartwatches came into our lives like smartphones and they changed our point of view on watches. They used to show us time, but now we can send messages, talk to people like mobile phones, record our blood pressure, and record our exercise information. As everybody knows, today Apple is an important brand for smartwatches.  Besides, it is not cheap to buy for all of us because of the taxes that countries add. Let me help you to find the cheapest Apple Watch Series 3.

Firstly, we should compare and check the difference between Apple Watch Series 3 and the other ones. Apple always renews its products, before this series you weren’t allowed to use it underwater. For this reason, users couldn’t record swimming workout information. In addition, as in others, you can record workout information in closed and open areas, read your messages and give answers, call and talk to people, take your blood pressure and you can use GPS.

Let’s check several countries with the highest and cheapest prices for Apple Watch 3;

11)SINGAPORE – $498 


9)ITALY $467 



6)RUSSIA – $433    

5)TURKEY – CANADA – $429 




2)HONG KONG$343 

1)THE USA$329 

Finally, you know where to find the cheapest Apple Watch Series 3. You may ask how can I go and buy it? If you can not travel to those destinations, you can check to find a proper Zoner, connect with one’s and have our Apple Watch as soon as possible. It’s time for shopping! Have fun!

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