How To Save Space In Your Luggage To Earn Extra Cash Via Glocalzone

How To Save Space In Your Luggage To Earn Extra Cash Via Glocalzone
  1. We all love daydreaming about long trips and adventurous journeys while we are working or studying . Yet, we get terribly tangled when the clocks strike the travel time because we never think about how we’re gonna get prepared for the journey. Especially packing up is one of the most scariest scenes of all for miserable dreamers. Good news!! We have some tricky ideas to pack up probably. What is more, you’ll be able to save space in your luggage!

Old people say “who travels a lot knows a lot” and we definitely agree with them. Because our traveler Zoners have whispered some useful tricks about packing up wisely. Let’s have a look at their suggestions and save space in your luggage!

What is more, you can earn money in a breeze if you optimize your stuff wisely to save space in your luggage. All you need to do is to add travel on Glocalzone before going on a journey and connect with other Zoners to receive an order from your destination. After you learn what you will bring, you can use those super creative tricks while packing up to save some space in your luggage for that order.

Well, first of all there are 3 main questions to ask yourself before packing up in order to avoid taking unnecessary  stuff with you.

  1. How long am i gonna stay there?
  2. What is the weather like there?
  3. What are the most essential things that i’m gonna take with me?

You can’t go wrong as you properly answer those questions before packing up.

In any case, keep those secret tricks in your mind and be the master of packing up!

Roll the clothes instead of folding them to be able to cram more stuff in your bag.

If you have a hat in your bag, fill the gap inside of your hat in order to protect the form of it.

Place the heavy things near the wheels of your bag. It will be more comfortable to carry it

Put on perfume on some hankies and place them into your bag. You will thank us when you open your bag again.

Place some cotton inside of your blush to prevent it from breaking to pieces which is quite annoying.

Add your travel on Glocalzone to receive an order from other Zoners and benefit from the space you have gained by using those tips!

We wish you a (more) comfortable journey!

If you are interested in about the tricks about traveling, you can check  to read more of them!!

Please let us know if you have any tricky ideas to save space in your luggage like we have shared!


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