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Amazon Prime Day is starting on the 15-16th of July!

Amazon Prime Day is a huge sale that Amazon has for its prime members. A lot of popular products from technological devices to cosmetics will have discounts up to 70%. If you want to buy trending products for very cheap prices, you should not miss this big sale!

Unfortunately, to be able to benefit from this sale, you should be a prime member. Luckily Glocalzone team explains how to be a prime member and have discounts without paying a single penny!

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Amazon is the website that is highly used and requested products by Glocalzone users. That’s why travelers who want to earn money while traveling should be a prime member. Of course, at the same time, users should also be a prime member to see all the discounts.

Amazon already announced some of the discounts!

But what does prime membership mean?

Prime is a membership that Amazon is serving extra opportunities to the people who are prime members. They have a big range of opportunities from unconditional returning of products to delivering packages the same day. It has a $13 fee and a free 30day trial before paying.

We’re going to use the 30-day trial to use the prime membership and here is how:

1- Click this link and go to the Amazon Prime page!

2- Click the “TRY PRIME” button on the screen.

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3-Create an Amazon account by clicking “Create your Amazon account”

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4- You’re going to see a payment section. You can enter your credit card information right away because you have the option to cancel your membership in 30 days.

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Now, you can use your membership in the peace of mind. Of course, don’t forget to cancel your membership if you don’t want to pay $13. You can go to our mobile app by clicking this link and start shopping.