Journey of a Man Who Never Gives Up

Journey of a Man Who Never Gives Up


As you know, many young people afraid of taking their bag and the arrangements of an amazing journey. But this man started his journey with just 70£ but ended with 90£. You may ask, how is that possible?

Hüseyin Patat started his journey with one of his friends, but unfortunately, that friend had to go back home. Of course, he didn’t give up! His Europe journey took 90 days, he has seen 14 countries and plenty of cities, towns.  He earned his money by making bracelets. Sometimes singing and playing different types of instruments was his way of earning money. Hüseyin says “I earned 44£ in Porto, in Toledo an Asian teacher bought 20 bracelets for his students.” Naturally, sometimes luck may not be with us. He couldn’t earn any in some countries in Italy. He has tried to earn money by singing in Romania even if he used to have some kind of prejudices. I hope everybody tries to break down any kind of prejudices during a journey and during their lifetime.

Accommodation is one of the most important issues for a traveler. He sometimes stayed at his friends’ home,  from time to time he went some people’s home who met on the way with. Those people didn’t know him but they wanted to open up their places. As a traveler, he sometimes set up his tent. He occasionally tried famous tastes the county that he stays, as we expected he rarely starved. You may ask, how can we talk our parents or our friends? He has solved this problem by using free wifi in Mc Donald’s, Burger King or Starbucks. Hüseyin wants to add that, his parents still don’t know he used hitchhiking to travel. (: Who can convince their family to hitchhike? As you know, some people sympathize travelers like the man who is in Salzburg. Even if he doesn’t know any common language, he opened his doors for him. I hope you will experience some people like him!

Hüseyin Patat has plenty of memories like those that I can’t explain here. All I want to say is, don’t be afraid, don’t wait for luck or don’t wait for an angel that will sit on your shoulders suddenly!

Take your bag and go up the road! Wish you luck and have fun!

If you want to check more about him; @asosyal.gezgin

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